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Dialogic voice broadcasting

voice broadcasting software Database Systems Corp.

Dialogic Voice Broadcasting

Dialogic voice broadcasting technology Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of message broadcasting services and voice broadcast phone systems. Voice broadcast systems are computer phone systems that send pre-recorded phone messages to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients at once. Voice broadcasting systems incorporate Intel processors with Windows OS and Dialogic computer telephony boards.

"Dialogic Corporation has shipped more than 45 million ports worldwide. In the enterprise market segment, a large majority of Fortune 2000 companies use Dialogic products."

Pre-recorded phone messages can be delivered to either live individuals or these messages can be left on answering machines. If the calling system detects a busy signal or detemines that the call was not answered, it can schedule the call for later delivery.

Dialogic Voice Broadcast Technology Components

  • Voice Broadcast Platform - Includes an Intel processor and platform to support either digital or analog phone cards. This system runs a Windows operating system.
  • Dialogic Telephony Cards - Computer telephony cards from Dialogic. These telephony boards support multiple analog or digital phone lines and control the switching process while providing call status and progress analysis.
  • Dialogic Software - Software library API's for Windows OS that are the system level routines which perform low level phone functions (placing calls, answering calls, providing call status, etc.)
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Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO

dialogic voice broadcast client

"The New Jersey Nurses Union (N.J.N.U.), a member of the Communications Workers of America (AFL-CIO), was organized to foster the general welfare of its members and exists for the purpose of addressing the staff nursesí concerns related to wages, rates of pay, hours, working conditions, and grievance handling." - www.njnu.org

The New Jersey Nurses Union utilizes our voice broadcasting services to contact its members for meetings and other general announcements and event reminders.

Dialogic Voice Broadcast Technology

To deliver phone applications and services, DSC employs the latest voice broadcast technology. This includes voice broadcast phone systems and software solutions.

Dialogic Digital Phone Systems

digital voice broadcasting system Database Systems Corp. has developed voice broadcast phone systems for medium to large size call centers based upon Dialogic telephony boards. This system is known as the PACER phone system and it incorporates Dialogic digital call processing boards to manage T1 phone lines. These systems start at 24 lines and can grow in increments of 24 phone lines.

The PACER phone system (with Dialogic boards) supports multiple digital T1's with capacity from 24 to 480 phone lines. These systems can be networked to provide call applications for virtually any sized call center or phone answering center.

Dialogic Analog Voice Broadcasting System

digital voice broadcasting system DSC offers a complete, affordable and expandable IVR system called the WIZARD phone series. This series uses Dialogic analog boards that support 4 lines with additional lines available in increments of 4.

The WIZARD phone system features easy to use IVR Software that leads the developer step by step through the creation of custom IVR phone applications.

The 4 line IVR system includes a Wizard setup program or comes optionally with a comprehensive IVR software development toolkit. DSC provides a complete turnkey phone system with Dialogic boards included in the purchase of each system.

About Dialogic Corporation

Dialogic is a registered trademark of Dialogic Corporation.

"Dialogic Corporation has shipped more than 45 million ports worldwide. In the enterprise market segment, a large majority of Fortune 2000 companies use Dialogic products. Dialogic components are also deployed in hundreds of carrier installations in more than 80 countries. Because of the widespread use of Dialogic products, thousands of developers are currently working with Dialogic technologies, and joining this worldwide community allows you to benefit from the commitment to excellence in technology and service that continues to make Dialogic a world leader in computer telephony and converged communications." - www.dialogic.com

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